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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ultra Vegas Budget Tip: Pre-Party

A long night out in a hot Las Vegas nightclub can be a serious budget drain. With most drinks running $12-18, . even a couple drinks during the day can set you back. But there are other ways to enjoy adult beverages in Vegas without going broke.

Instead of buying a $12 daiquiri as you roam the Strip during the day, make your drink in your hotel room and take it with you! Las Vegas has no open container law on the strip. So, you can carry your drink from your hotel or store into the street as you walk the strip. There are several liquor stores on the strip and inside the casinos where you can pick up alcohol and mixers. Everyone loves a roadie!

Enjoy most of your drinks before you hit the actual club, that way you'll be ready to dance when you arrive, instead of waiting at a crowded bar for a $18 drink.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Playboy Club at the Palms

Gorgeous bunnies, hot blackjack tables, and classic Playboy style...the Playboy Club in Las Vegas is one-of-a-kind...literally! Yes, there is only one Playboy Club left in existence and it makes its home at the one and only Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The exclusive and historic Playboy Club lives on in spectacular fashion. As soon as you step into this intimate lounge, you can see why Hef still celebrates his birthday here every year. Sexy bunnies can be seen in an updated version of the classic bunny costume as they deal blackjack and serve guests. In fact, it's the only club in Las Vegas with gaming tables inside the club.

The decor is fabulous, with two rooms, a fireplace and of course the signature Palms view of the strip. This spot is a must-see for any Playboy fan. The walls are adorned with playmate pics and distinct Playboy glamor. Make sure you check out Hef's personal table...it's right by the dj booth and my favorite place to sip cocktails and dance.

Get on the guest list and get treated like Playboy royalty the next time you go! http://www.myultravegas.com/playboy-club-at-the-palms-las-vegas.html  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ultra Vegas Budget Tip: Eat Like a High Roller

Las Vegas is one of the undisputed culinary capitols for fine dining. This city is flooded with fantastic restaurants. You'll find celebrity chef creations and award winning cuisine everywhere you look. So how do you get a taste of the finer things without paying the price? Take advantage of the bar menu and late night happy hour specials! This is one of my favorite Las Vegas money saving tips. I often prefer the more relaxed vibe of the restaurant lounges to the main dining area.

For example, Michael Mina's Nobhill Tavern located inside the MGM Grand has an amazing late night happy hour menu. An average dinner for two with 2 drink at a table would run about $90 without tax or tip. But two people could split 3 small plates and two drinks in the lounge for $40 without tax and tip. You'll get the same high quality cuisine and incredible ambiance without the huge bill.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Palms VIP Girl Program

Hey ladies...how do you feel about free drinks, dinners and VIP club access at Palms? Umm, yes, please, thank you! If you're an attractive (over 21) female who loves thePalms in Las Vegas, you can be an official PalmsVIP Girl. In addition to all the free drinks and VIPaccess, Palms VIP girls get invites to private Palms Sky Villa parties, special events and sold out shows