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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ultra Vegas Budget Tip: Pre-Party

A long night out in a hot Las Vegas nightclub can be a serious budget drain. With most drinks running $12-18, . even a couple drinks during the day can set you back. But there are other ways to enjoy adult beverages in Vegas without going broke.

Instead of buying a $12 daiquiri as you roam the Strip during the day, make your drink in your hotel room and take it with you! Las Vegas has no open container law on the strip. So, you can carry your drink from your hotel or store into the street as you walk the strip. There are several liquor stores on the strip and inside the casinos where you can pick up alcohol and mixers. Everyone loves a roadie!

Enjoy most of your drinks before you hit the actual club, that way you'll be ready to dance when you arrive, instead of waiting at a crowded bar for a $18 drink.

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