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Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 reasons why you should download the My Ultra Vegas app

1. IT'S FREE! (But only for limited time) There will be new features added to the app continually to make your VEGAS experience even greater! Eventually there will be a paid membership fee for download, So don’t wait!!

2. ONE OF THE FIRST APPS OF ITS KIND. With new technology being made available all the time, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience.

3. GPS CAPABILITIES. One of the coolest features of the Ultra Vegas app is GPS notification. When at home you will receive info keeping you updated of real time Vegas events and offers. When actually in Vegas, you will get up to min info for party info, limo, restaurants special offers that non-app members wouldn't have access too. When at home you WON’T be bothered with info about VEGAS parties etc. that wouldn't interest you at that time.

4. GUEST LIST AND TABLE RESERVATIONS. Anytime you need yourself or friend’s & family added to Guest list in Vegas you can submit form from inside the app and know that it will be arranged by the best promoters and hosts in the city.

5. DEALS, DEALS and MORE DEALS. An app in your phone or tablet that gives you the best inside deals, Vegas Tips and updates to one of your favorite cities in the world!!! This #Vegas app was made for YOU!!

Access the Ultra Vegas mobile app now for FREE in iTunes and Google Play!

Google Play: http://ow.ly/tcQzO

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